Our Mission

We create and develop concrete and effective tools so that companies of all levels, can develop in the national and international market.

Who we are

We are an interdisciplinary group, with more than 15 years of experience in connecting and communicating companies with their clients, through innovative resources such as the Internet, Text messages, Emails and Social Networks. Our effectiveness has allowed us to expand services to Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama and Costa Rica.

Our Strategic Alliances

We believe in “unity is strength." That is why we have a group of companies with whom we work hand in hand to make their goals come true.

Pay No Painpaynopain.com


EM Bienes Raícescompreyvendapropiedades.com

What people say about Codesi Consulting

Our satisfied customers are important to us, know what they think.

Our Team

Christophe LeroyFounder

Master in International Marketing. Its great communication capacity allows it to generate immediate synergies with the clients and companies to which we offer our services.

Rose Mary HernándezBusiness Development Manager

In the timely and efficient customer service begins the whole chain that culminates in an essential management for the companies with which we work.

Dani HermosillaEurope Representative

Master in Internet Marketing and Journalist..Audio Marketing. With extensive experience in the creation and editing of texts. As well as extensive experience in the creation of texts in search engines, social networks, blogs.

William AcuñaSystems engineer

Master in Computer Science. It is responsible for the systems to work properly and permanently.

Cecilia ZúñigaSystems Engineer and Project Developer

Degree in computer science. Design, create and map out the new applications and programs that the client needs.

Daniela MartínezDesign and Advertising

Bachelor of Design It is the creative graphic that translates to images the best ideas for the design and the publicity.

José Eduardo MoraContent Creation

Journalist and Master in Literature. Specialist in content creation, digital content and text editing.

Harold LeandroContent Creation

Journalist and Degree in History. Extensive experience in the creation and editing of periodical, institutional and business text.

José Benito BadillaSystems engineer

Programming in the basic structure of the systems.

Adrian VargasConnections

Expert in connections.

Diana ZúñigaFounder

Lic. Business Administration