Frequently asked questions

About SMS or text message

Frequently Asked Questions about SMS

What can I use the SMS Internet platform for?

You can send SMS from your computer, your mobile device or your Tablet.

Our online platform allows you to:
  • Send SMS to a contact or group.
  • Import contacts from excel.
  • Send your own messages from a control panel in a simple way.
  • Sending scheduled messages, selecting date and time of sending.
  • Get a real-time record of the status of your messages.
  • Exportable record to Excel of sent messages correctly.
  • Exportable registry to Excel of failed messages.
  • Coverage with all operators.

Can I try the service before buying?

Of course, you can request a free trial in which we generate access to our control panel, from which you have some credits available to test and make sure that we are your best choice.

How long is the SMS delivered?

The delivery time regularly ranges from a few seconds to a minute. However sometimes network congestion can delay some deliveries.

What happens if the phone to which I sent the message is off?

Our system sends the messages to the operator, if it does not get a delivery response from the operator, it will make 3 sending attempts waiting for response. Otherwise the operator receives the response the message is classified as not sent. Usually operators, when they can not deliver a message to the owner of the phone, are re-sent within 48 hours, if not delivered is classified as not sent.

What is the minimum purchase of SMS?

There is no minimum purchase, we adapt to your needs. In addition, the messages acquired do not expire and can be used at different times.

The test message I sent did not come to me, what is the reason for this?

The factors that can influence this are:
  • Check has signal.
  • Check that the cell phone number is OK.
Once these two cases have been confirmed, you should contact our technical area for an assessment of the route and delivery of the message.

Does the person receiving the message have to pay something?

No, receiving text messages from our system will have no cost to its recipient.

Is there any other cost in addition to the published prices?

No, there are no additional costs to those indicated on the website or in the price sent.

What are the payment methods?

We accept payments by bank transfer or deposit as well as with credit or debit card through Paypal and in our offices

Is my data secure?

Yes, your data will not be shared, rented or sold to any third party according to our privacy policy.

Can recipients respond to the message?

Yes, we have a 2-way messaging service, on the web platform you can check incoming messages or responses from your recipients.