Mass Text Message - SMS

Mobile Technology simplifies and facilitates communication processes in your business. It allows cost savings and increased productivity, ensures high levels of security and contributes to a better user experience, as well as greater efficiency in customer service, and promotes user loyalty.

Communicate with your customers by sending SMS through our platform, easily and simply. Use the best SMS network for Central America.

We have more than 10 years of experience.

Mobile technology
Changes our lives:

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We cover the following countries

Costa Rica
El Salvador
Dominican Republic

United State

Our Platform offers

Internet Access

SMPP Connection or Webservices

Http API

You can send SMS from your computer, mobile device or Tablet.
It is only 3 clicks to make your shipment, you only need:
– The cell phone list in an Excel sheet.
– The Text Messages to send.
– And the time of sending.
Communicate with your customers efficiently.

Send large amounts of Text Messages through the SMPP protocol, or consuming a WebServices, streamlining the communication of your company in an automated way.

Get reports and statistics immediately.

Codesi Consulting offers an easy-to-integrate Api database, which allows you to send SMS quickly and quickly, as well as personalized and automated.

Report statistics immediately.

Use the Text Messages in:

With SMS obtain:

  • Advertising
  • Alerts
  • Collections
  • News
  • Or another application or service you need
  • Publications
  • Notifications
  • Reservations
  • Calls
  • Instant reach of your target market
  • Data security
  • Higher performance
  • Quick Integration
  • High level of response
  • Low cost
  • Statistics
  • Technical Support 24/7