Web Positioning – SEO -

At this moment there may be thousands of people looking for your product or service.

Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) assures you that the website you find is yours and not your competition.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of analyzing and enhancing your website to help potential customers find it by Google, Yahoo and other search engines.

In today’s competitive environment, good SEO is vital to the success of any business site.

We take care of

That other companies recommend their websites through their links.

These links are of the highest quality and trust, and meet all the strict criteria of Google.

When doing the SEO we do a monthly work that assures us the success

  • Keyword Study: We identify the three most relevant keywords that best fit the needs of your company.
  • Analysis and Optimization of the code of your Website: Our SEO specialists will enter your website and optimize the source code with the words Key that we have agreed.
  • Optimization of texts and contents: We analyze the texts of your website and update them with the keywords that we are promoting, as the contents are increasingly important for Google.
  • Study and adaptation of your Site Tags Web: The robot of Google has to interpret the keywords in the web of perfect way, for it is very important that each internal page has a correct structure of labels.
  • Treatment of indexing problems in Google: Our technicians ensure that your page is indexed by Google robots. We periodically make improvements to encourage indexing. In addition, we create and upload the sitemaps and robots files.
  • Content not indexable by Google: In many occasions we find that much of the content on the webs is not indexable by Google, that is, the robot does not read it and therefore does not take it into account. We do a study of all aspects and change the type of code to be read by Google.
  • External Promotion: The web positioning of your page can be significantly improved with a constant work, both inside the page (code optimization), and out of it (popularity campaigns). We have increased the popularity of your website for Google to value positively. This increase in popularity is achieved through a manual registration in sector directories, active management of inclusion of links in strategic sites, manual search engine registration and external content writing.