Pay Per Click or PPC

is a model of Internet advertising, in which the advertiser pays their ads to the web, which in turn presents them through a fee based on the number of clicks that are recorded in the advertisement.

Receive a monthly report

With the statistics of the results of the Pay-Per-Click Campaigns:
– Number of clicks
– Impressions (number of times the ad is published)
– Costs

When we make a Pay Per Click Campaign we take into account all the aspects that Search Engineers ask for to be a success.

  • We define the objectives and the marketing strategy according to the interests of the client.
  • We target the campaign by language and geographic location.
  • We analyze and select keywords based on the volume of search, competition, efficiency and profitability.
  • We create thematic and segmented ad groups, written in compliance with the publisher's search policies.
  • We continuously track account performance, with regular optimization actions throughout the campaign activation period.
  • We set comparative traffic data, before and after the launch of the campaigns, to assess how they worked and what the results are obtained.