Website's design and development

Connect to the world through your website

Website Designing

Codesi Consulting knows the importance of having a corporate website, with updated information, a good design and an assembly of the information to comply with all the requirements of the search engines, which is key when it comes to the inclusion of your website in The different Internet browsers.

When We Design

We design tailor made to each of our clients. We create user-friendly and agile user interfaces to create a pleasant experience.

When We Develop

We make the design a reality. We work with PSD and AI formats by converting them into HTML5 code. We program the user interface in javascript using the framework of JQuery and Bootstrap.

We use Responsive Technology

The use of smartphones and tablets grows every day, demanding that the sites are displayed correctly in these formats. We develop sites that adapt to different resolutions and devices.

Our Experience with Websites

We have developed Basic Websites, Informative, for Electronic Commerce, with Classified Systems, Journalistic, Business, Corporate. Sites integrated to Social Networks, Private Areas and Protected Users.