Send Promotions

The promotion reaches directly to your potential customers via cell or email.

In such a demanding commercial world, if your brand does not differentiate itself from its immediate competitors, you run the risk of getting lost in the crowd, so attracting your potential customers and rewarding loyalty with promotions is one of the best ways To distinguish your brand.

With our Send Promotions system you can now take advantage of all the benefits of technology development to carry out campaigns with electronic promotions.

How does it work?

Send Promotions is a new and practical program that allows you to carry out electronic promotions in a practical and economic way, and with the great advantage that through your platform your company controls the whole process.

– When to develop the promotion.
– The percentages in the discounts.
– The number of coupons to be issued.
– And the duration of the promotion.

They are part of the facilities that your company has with Cupó to attract its customers.

Which companies can use Submit Promotions?

The Send Promotions System, which you will learn to use in a few minutes, is designed so that promotions can be made by small, medium and large companies.

Send Promotions was created thinking about the three basic types of companies, because we are interested in contributing to the development of their companies.


The great advantage is that everything is handled in an electronic way, so that your customers can download the coupons on their smartphones and apply the promotion in their trade.

The other big advantage is that you decide when to start the promotion, when to extend it and what kind of percentage is best for you to attract your customers. And most importantly: 100 percent of the profits go directly into your trade. That is, there are no intermediaries here. Submit Promotions only provides the platform.

Differences with other Platforms

The big difference between Send Promotions and other platforms is that total control is handled by your company, which means that there are no middlemen. This difference is key.

Your company not only benefits from the promotion, but it is always your brand that stands out and is owned, and not like the other platforms, which are those that are promoted at the expense of your product or service.

It seems a subtle difference, but it is not; On the contrary, there is a distance from heaven to earth.

With Send Promotions your brand and your product are the center of the promotion and not the platform as it happens so far. That is why we have come to the Costa Rican and Central American market to change the way of making big electronic promotions.

Measure your return on investment

With Submit Promotions, you can fully monitor the development of the campaign and measure the way you succeeded and why.

In this way, it is guaranteed to follow step by step how the Return on Investment (ROI) is given.

Prices Of Introduction

Express Coupon is not only an excellent electronic coupon system, practical and friendly, but its prices are within reach of any company, regardless of their size.

500 Coupons


Includes 500 sms or 500 emails or combined

10.000 Coupons


Includes 10.000 sms or 10.000 emails or combined

30.000 Coupons


Includes 30.000 sms or 30.000 emails or combined

1.000 Coupons


Includes 1.000 sms or 1.000 emails or combined

15.000 Coupons


Includes 15.000 sms or 15.000 emails or combined

40.000 Coupons


Includes 40.000 sms or 40.000 emails or combined

5.000 Coupons


Includes 5.000 sms or 5.000 emails or combined

20.000 Coupons


Includes 20.000 sms or 20.000 emails or combined