Creative Content or Content Marketing

In an age where the intrusive techniques of traditional advertising do not bring a real value to the user, the content creation offers the opportunity to approach that public with original content and quality that gives added value.

Professional Press Relations 2.0

For every organization and company, it is extremely important to disclose the information of social interest that your company generates, as well as to develop relations with the media that exist in the national and regional scope, since this represents an opportunity of positive positioning.

Codesi Consulting with its communication team and thanks to our trajectory, we have managed to consolidate good relations with the media, which has allowed us to obtain good results in:

Mediation with the media Newsletters.
Coverage of Events.
Management and Interview Advice.

Strategies 2.0

The digital world has brought us a new way of communicating, which has also reached the world of corporate and business communication. We talk about strategies 2.0, starting with the press releases and ending with digital communication.

Journalists have left the newsrooms and now need the work to come much more elaborate. Those of conventional press releases; Accompanied by quality links (which reduce the ‘heavy’ attachments that make sending difficult); The graphic material (infographics, graphics, drawings, etc.); The audiovisual, and the varied material (place of company headquarters, guide of social networks, newsletters, historical notes, balances): They enrich the information of the company towards the outside.

Digital Communication

It arises as an effect of new technologies that are introduced in the field of communication.

This innovative form of communication allows you to use multiple resources and gives you tools not only to express yourself in writing, but also allows you to use images, videos, voice recordings, animations, hyperlinks, emails and blogs to properly inform Your target audience.

CODESI CONSULTING offers you a service that will allow you to contribute to improving your competitive advantage in your sector. We analyze and devise a communicative strategy to be able to find its target audience, using:

Managing Social Networks.
Managing Websites.
Relationship with Different Sites and Blogs related to your sector.
Monitoring and Scope of the Diffusion of their Campaigns.

Table of Contents

“Content is king,” Bill Gates, the creator of Microsoft, ventured in 1996. Little by little, that prophecy was fulfilled and, at present, the content is one of the pillars of the diffusion and the communication. It is the main factor of search engine positioning strategies, allowing users to find your website.

Codesi Consulting works in the development of content to the letter, in different formats, to satisfy the needs of our clients and to be able to offer a personalized service, of excellent quality, in a reasonable time and in agreement with their expectations.

We do:

Infographics, posters, digital advertising in different formats.
Triptychs, leaflets, flyers, leaflets
Printed and digital magazines.
Ebooks, white papers and all sorts of downloadable material.

In the Creation process

Of Content Marketing we transmit useful information, clearly, with passion and without losing sight of the customer’s approach.

Our Content Creation Process